Stryker: Mechanical Tradeoffs in Implant Design, Implantation Choices, Impingement-Free Range of Motion, Joint Stability, Muscle Force Requirements, and Subluxation Risk After Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty with the Stryker/Tornier Perform System
06/09/2022-12/31/2025 Total Project Costs: $166,770
Donald D. Anderson, PhD 

Integrating Next Generation Simulator Training and Operating Room Performance Assessment into Orthopedic Residency Programs
11/11/2021-11/10/2023 Total Project Costs: $107,913
Donald D. Anderson, PhD Geb Thomas, PhD

Paragon28: Influence of Tibial Baseplate Features in Total Ankle Replacement on Micromotion and Subchondral Bone Stresses: A Finite Element Analysis
09/01/2023-08/31/2027 Total Project Costs: $1,853,256
Donald D. Anderson, PhD

CST6-mRNA activated matrices for efficient bone regeneration
03/01/2022–02/29/2024 Total Project Costs: $424,875
Aliasager Salem, PhD, Principal Investigator
Jessica Goetz, PhD; Doug Fredericks, James Martin, PhD, Dong Rim Seol, PhD

Arthroscopic Correction of Femoroacetabular Impingement
02/26/2019–05/30/2023 Total Project Costs: $50,999
Robert Westermann, MD, Principal Investigator
Jessica Goetz, PhD; 

REU Site: Computational Bioengineering – National Science Foundation
05/01/2021-04/30/2024 Total Project Costs: $388,427
Edward A. Sander, PhD, and Guadalupe Canahuate, PhD, Principal Investigators
Donald D. Anderson, PhD; Terry Braun, PhD; Guadalupe Canahuate, PhD; Thomas Casavant, PhD; Jessica Goetz, PhD; Hans J. Johnson, PhD; Sajan Lingala, PhD; Yang Liu, PhD; Vincent Magnotta, PhD; Suresh Raghavan, PhD; Joseph Reinhardt, PhD; Edward Sander, PhD; Sarah Vigmostad, PhD; Kristan Worthington, PhD; Faculty REU Mentors

Utilizing WBCT to Evaluate PTOA Risk After ACL Reconstruction – Arthritis Foundation
01/01/2021-12/31/2023 Total Project Costs: $300,000
Donald D. Anderson, PhD and Brian R. Wolf, MD, MS Principal Investigators

3D Joint Space Width from Weight Bearing CT as an Imaging Biomarker of PTOA – Arthritis Foundation
01/01/2021-12/31/2023 Total Project Costs: $928,249
Donald D. Anderson, PhD and J. Lawrence Marsh, MD, Principal Investigators
Cesar de Cesar Netto, MD; Michael C. Willey, MD; Investigators
Univesrsity of Utah Collaborators: Justin Haller, MD; Thomas F. Higgins, MD
University of Washington Collaborators: Conor P. Kleweno, MD; Julie Agel
University of Kansas Medical Center Collaborators: Neil A.Segal, MD, MS; Bryan Vopat, MD 

Injection after Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy – Arthritis Foundation/Cleveland Clinic Foundation
01/01/2022-12/31/2023 Total Project Costs: $99,859
Morgan H. Jones, MD and Xiaojuan Li, MD;  Principal Investigator at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Donald D. Anderson, PhD, Subaward Principal Investigator

Correlating PROMIS-29 with Weight-Bearing CT Following Tibial Plafond Fracture – Orthopaedic Trauma Association/AO Trauma North America /University of Utah
01/01/2021-12/31/2023 Total Project Costs: $100,000 (UI Subaward $23,973)
Justin Haller, MD and Donald D. Anderson, PhD, Principal Investigators
J. Lawrence Marsh, MD; Michael C. Willey, MD; Thomas Higgins, MD; Conor Kleweno, MD; Julie Agel, MA; Investigators

Arthroscopic Correction of Femoroacetabular Impingement - A Joint Contact Stress Analysis – Smith & Nephew, Inc.
02/26/2019-05/31/2023 Total Project Costs: $50,999
Robert Westermann, MD, Principal Investigator
Jessica E. Goetz, PhD, Investigator

Translating Metabolic Responses to Mechanical Insult into Early Interventions to Prevent PTOA – Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs – W81XWH-18-1-0658
09/01/2018-08/31/2023 Total Project Costs: $9,999,762
Joseph A. Buckwalter, MD, Principal Investigator

    Project 1: Small-scale early phase clinical trial of amobarbital to reduce PTOA risk in tibial pilon fractures
    Project Leads: J. Lawrence Marsh, MD and James C. Torner, PhD

    Project 2: Integrating pathomechanical PTOA risk into clinical decision-making following IAF
    Project Leads: Donald D. Anderson, PhD and Jason M. Wilken, MPT, PhD

    Project 3: Supplementing joint lubrication as an adjunct to amobarbital treatment
    Project Leads: James A. Martin, PhD and Aliasger Salem, PhD

    Project 4: Correlation of cartilage mechanics with chondrocyte mitochondrial dysfunction targeted by amobarbital
    Project Leads: Jessica E. Goetz, PhD and Mitchell C. Coleman, PhD